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FBS - Front polymer back-up sight - Fab Defense - Available in Black, Green, Tan Color

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FBS is an advanced, low-profile, durable, auxiliary front sight. It can be used with any rear sight, but has been designed to provide an extreme optical advantage when paired with the FAB Defense® RBS Rear Back-up Sight. Sight pin elevation is easily and quickly adjusted without tools.

FBS is readily mounted on any 1913 Picatinny rail, making it ideal for use on M4 / AR-15 / M-16 platforms and on the FAB Defense® KPOS.


Can be used as a primary or back-up sight
Ergonomic angel-wing-shaped front shroud helps center the image with any rear sight, but when used with a matching FAB Defense® RBS Rear Back-up Sight, it creates a precise optical tunnel that ensures more accurate aiming and faster target acquisition
Low folded profile is smooth and inconspicuous, and will not snag on gear, webbing, or brush
Instant spring-locked deployment mechanism will not slip, break or deform
No tools needed for easy, rapid elevation adjustments, with positive detent locking
Made of extremely durable high-grade polymer and metal
Available in Black, Olive OD green, or Desert tan


Weight 25 gr
Width 32 mm
Height 14 mm
Length 52 mm
Height (open / deployed) 42 mm
Length (open / deployed) 30 mm


All 1913 Picatinny rails